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Privacy Notice

A customer's privacy is important to us.

Hobbypolis will not give a customer's information to any outside parties. The only use for this information is to deliver product and verify delivery. Hobbypolis will not send any unsolicited mail, whether digital or tangible, to the customer without prior consent.

Email addresses and phone numbers will only be used to contact the customer if a need arises. There will be no solicitation by email or phone.

In the case that the customer signs up for our mailing list, it authorizes us to send out an email newsletter periodically.

Our website tracks the number of visitors, the region of the world in which they came, and also the internet browser used by the visitor. This information may be shared with outside parties, such as advertisers, web hosts, or web developers. However, any information that could potentially identify an individual will not be shared under any circumstances.

All personal information is stored securely on our website. This information can be edited by the customer at any time by logging in and changing the details in the My Account section of this website.

Cookies are used to store information about the customer's shopping cart as well as session login details. No information from these cookies is shared with any outside parties.

Any questions about this privacy policy may be directed to

All communication via email is equivalent to the written word. Any agreements, notices, and disclosures discussed through email will satisfy legal requirements and act as written documents.

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